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Monday, September 11, 2006
Duck Raising, Breeding, Etc.

Want to start business with ducks? Here are some useful info about Duck raising, breeding, feeds, etc.:


1. The availability of water for ducks for swimming does not affect much their egg laying. It does affect their food intake -they eat more when they can swim, rather than when given only drinking water.

2. The size of the coop is best, if not smaller, than 3.5 sq. ft. for every duck.

3. If artificial lighting is used, add 2-4 hours more daily, aside from 12 hours of natural day light.

4. If natural feeds from the sea are not available (shrimps, shell or fish) give them half feed and half chicken laying mass.

5. Supplementary feed like Furavin, Afsillin or Agromix may be given for egg layers.

6. Ducks like wet food better than dry. It makes their eggs bigger and heavier.

Balut made from incubator makes no difference from those produced from the mothers nest, if the eggs will be laid on the tray from 14-18 days in the incubator (see Tekno-Tulong II - Balut-Making).

The best length of days for making salted eggs is 19 days.


According to experts from the Philippine Council for Agricultural and Resources Research (Los Baños), the following are effective rules for duck raising:

1. Maintain the right number of ducks in every coop. One male for every 5 to 10 females. Leave only a few "extra" males in another coop to take the place of any that might die or may not be productive. The signs are:

- the male duck hisses, while a female duck quacks

- the tail of a male duck curls up

2. The male duck must be a month older than the female to make sure that they are mature for mating.

3. Select healthy ducks -- good shape, good feathers, and lively eyes.

Do not get sick looking ones.


1. Banana peelings

Researchers found that banana peelings contain more protein, fat and fibers more than does rice bran. It also contains plenty of calcium but less in phosphorus.

Method of Preparation:

a. Dry in the sun for a week mud-like rotten banana peels (from the biogas digester).

b. Pulverize when dried.

c. Substitute this for rice bran in the proportion of 33%.

Source: NSTA Technology Journal Oct.-Dec. 1986

2. Cassava and Camote

According to researchers from the Visayas State College of Agriculture, feeding ducks with camote and cassava makes them produce more eggs than if they were fed with pure corn. Ducks given 20%, 30%, or 40% dried grated camote or cassava weighed the same as those given pure corn. But this is practical only in places where camote or cassava need not be bought.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews Jan 1984

3. Seaweeds

Researchers from UP Los Baños made a study on feeding ducks with seaweeds. The 45 ducks that were fed half seaweeds and half palay laid more eggs than those fed with pure palay. Because of the low cost of seaweeds (in their place) the cost of feed with 50% supplement became lower.


In Red China, the raising of Peking ducks is a progressive business that is not easily copied by competitors. This is because the Chinese are particular about the quality of the cooked duck -- the skin should be brittle, the flesh juicy but not fatty. This quality of duck is not attained unless the raising of the duck and the manner of slaughtering is right.

a. From the hatching of the egg until the duck is slaughtered, it takes about 49-55 days.

b. From its 28th day, the feathers of the duck are yellow from its emergence.

c. Feed this with plenty of protein and vitamins until it reaches about one and one fourth (1.25) kilo.

d. In the next 9-15 days, feed the duck with fibrous feed. Its feathers are now becoming white, and the duck is taking shape. Its weight increases by half or 3/4 kilo.

e. In the last fifteen (15) days force the duck to eat about 800 gms of mixed starch, millet, sorghum and hull (of wheat) if any. This will increase its weight by one-fourth (1/4) kilo every day.

f. This is now ready for roasting when it reaches 2½ to 2-3/4 kilo.

g. Cook in 270°C heat for about 30-40 minutes. Its melting fat helps to cook the flesh, thus preventing overcooking.

h. Slaughtering is one by one, not by machine so as not to break the skin, which reduces fat. Its bones are brittle, and using a machine might break the neck, wings or legs, which will make it unacceptable in first class restaurants. The removal of feathers is also manually done.

What makes Peking duck expensive is in its proper setting.


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